Our vision for each person and for our church is to: Live life to the full; showing and sharing Jesus to transform our neighbourhood.

  • Jesus said he came so everyone can have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10). We commit to making this a reality in our daily lives and believe this will be a life-long pursuit.
  • Showing Jesus is about being as much like Jesus in character and all we do (Ephesians 5:1).
  • Sharing Jesus is letting people know about the good news of Jesus. He tells his followers to do this (Matthew 10; 28:19).
  • Together showing and sharing Jesus go a long way to living life to the full.

Our values describe our heart, our character, our personality:

  • Christ-centred – to live each day rooted in and guided by Jesus, to live “in Christ”, belonging to Christ, unified with Christ, to spend time with Jesus, to worship Jesus, to have an ever-deepening relationship of faith with Jesus.
  • Community-focused– to be called as individuals and as a church to be outward looking, listening, serving, loving, being good news, building the Kingdom.
  • Compassionate– to be Christ-like; caring, loving, generous to all and to particularly identify with the lost, the least and the last.
  • Courageous to be Christ-like and live our lives wholeheartedly to the glory of God, to bear the cost of our discipleship and to seek reconciliation in the church and the world.

We commit to:

  • Love God with all our hearts
  • Love each other as ourselves
  • Go and make disciples
  • Live life to the full as Jesus intends