We believe that we are called to help heal this amazing world that God has given us, and which is suddenly looking so fragile. The following resolution was passed by the Church Meeting in July 2021:

We, the members of Trinity Church, publicly recognise a Climate and Environmental Emergency and commit ourselves to:

  1. Examine our lives individually and corporately in relation to this crisis, and seeking to live faithfully to God;
  2. Bring forward by September 2021 an action plan to minimise our negative corporate impact on the environment and climate and to help restoration where possible;
  3. Encourage our members to make relevant lifestyle changes appropriate to their circumstances;
  4. Encourage action on this emergency in our neighbourhoods, workplaces and other spheres of activity;
  5. Use whatever influence we may have to bring about positive actions by local and national government and by corporations.

Members are encouraged to complete the Creation Care survey for their individual households and as a church we have a Bronze level Eco church award. 

Although we don’t have much land, we have created a small meadow facing the ASDA car park, and have planted wildlife-beneficial climbing plants against our walls.

Our solar panels generate about 25MWh each year, making us approximately carbon-neutral.