We want to centre our worship on Christ and to honour God in all we do as a response to the love He’s shown us. 


Our Sunday services are varied and reflect, to some extent, our denominational roots.  We’ve tried to maintain an equal emphasis on the traditions of our three denominations and our services aren’t denominationally "badged".

Family Services

The largest Sunday service is the 10am, with a congregation usually of 120–150, including children. A service includes a time of all age worship and teaching before the children leave for their own groups. Once a quarter there is a family communion service when the children remain for the whole service. Communion is shared once a month at the 10am service.  

The 10am is fairly relaxed and informal and across a month our musical worship aims to give a balance between traditional and contemporary worship styles.

See the services "box" on the  front page for details of services.

8am services

Some weeks we have an 8am Holy Communion/service. These services are small and relatively quiet and reflect a more traditional flavour. 

Again, see the front page for when these are.

Holy Communion

All who love the Lord Jesus Christ are invited to Share in Communion, which is a symbolic meal.

We have a service of Holy Communion at 8am and 10 am every 2nd and 4 th Sunday.  

Coming from three traditions at Trinity it is our practice with Communion to offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine. Those taking Communion with us are free to choose either.  Some of our Communion services follow the URC tradition when elders take the bread and wine to the congregation in their seats, and at other times the congregation come to the communion rail,


Home Communion

We take Communion into the local residential care homes and private homes of the sick and housebound.  We are exploring how to develop this work.

Nursery Service

Nursery Services at Trinity Church begin at 2pm and finish around 3pm every Wednesday during the school term.

All those 5 and under are invited to attend (together of course with parents/carers)

A short simple service for children under five. It lasts about 15 minutes and includes songs, a bible story and a craft activity.There are toys for the children and a little library. It all finishes in plenty of time to collect older children.


Children’s Christian library available.

For further information, contact Ann Baker ( ,07387993626) or Trinity Church Office on 0118 931 3124.


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