It’s so easy to underestimate the power of prayer.  We are working at building up and developing the prayer life at Trinity so we can really tap into God.  We want to see individuals, small groups and services praying more and more and experimenting with different ways to pray.

We use the following to help us in prayer:

  • Prayer Meetings

Short times of prayer in the Church or Chapel after the morning service, or on special occasions. These are open to everyone.

  • Prayer Chains

A prayer chain is a way in which people can pray immediately for a person or situation of urgent need. Prayer requests are made to one of the organisers who passes the request down the chain, and members of the chain pray there and then for the request. You can send a prayer request below.

  • Prayer Board

We have a prayer board which lives in the church/chapel where written requests can be pinned up and left for others to see.

Candles can also be lit in memory of a loved one.

  • Quiet Days and Retreats

From time to time we organise quiet days and retreats, either for the whole church family or for the church council, where we get to know God and one another better. 



  • Vigils

We occasionally organise prayer vigils to coincide with other events (eg Christmas Trees or Easter). These are advertised in the church magazine

 Prayer Request

 You can Send us a Prayer Request via our contact page if you wish.



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