Trinity is trying to be as inclusive as it can be so wants to get to know anyone and everyone, and wants to see as many people as possible putting their faith and trust in Jesus. 

We are keen for everyone to feel welcome and able to play an active part in Trinity. 

First and foremost this is about encouraging and helping everyone to find, build and deepen their relationship with God, and each other, and to seek what God wants them to be doing in order for them to grow in their Christian faith. 

This isn’t about trying to make square pegs fit into round holes but is about bringing people’s faith alive so they will want to serve God, each other and the community with passion. 

We’d love everyone to play a part, and, as with most areas of our church, we’re trying to find out what this means in practice. 

We have lots of people involved in many different ways, and if you feel you would like to get to know us then that would be wonderful. 

In addition to coming to services a great way to begin getting to know people and to begin developing your faith is to join a small group. 

If this sounds good please get in touch with Jon, our minister.


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