We’re called to be generous givers in gratitude and response to God’s generosity to us and we try to encourage this at Trinity. 


Arguably generosity is the highest form of biblical stewardship. 


We’d love new folk at Trinity to be able to feel welcome and at home and want to be involved and to give in terms of time, talents and money.    


Of course without people’s generosity financially the Church would not be able to function. Financial generosity is singled out in the Bible as the most representative of a person’s heart (Matt 6:19-21) so this means that our giving is tied up with our attitude towards it. 


Here is a link to the Church Gift Aid Declaration form. Please download, complete and send back to Trinity, as per the instructions on the form. This will enable the Church to claim an additional 25% on top of your donation from HM Revenue and Customs at no cost to you.


If you require the Church Bank Details in order to make online bank donations to the Church account, or to set up a standing order please contact us requesting the information, and it will be sent to you by return


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