Traidcraft and Fair Trade 

Supporting Justice in Trade 

We are a Fairtrade church. This means that:

  • our refreshments - tea, coffee and biscuits are all Faritrade
  • we celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight
  • we encourage members to choose Fairtrade whenever they can. 

We want those who produce foods and goods for us to, as a minimum, be able to earn enough to access education and medicines – things we take for granted. It’s one way of showing God’s love and His desire for justice.

As part of this witness and purpose we have a Traidcraft stall selling food and crafts after the 10am service at least once a month. 


"The fields of the poor may produce abundant food but injustice sweeps it away"

 Proverbs 13.23 


Caring for Creation 

We are seeking to be an Eco-congregation. This means:

  •  thinking about how we celebrate God’s wonderful creation in worship
  •  trying to reduce our carbon footprint and use of resources, at church and at home
  • educating ourselves and our young people about sustainable living
  •  looking at how we can defend creation locally and globally



Creator God,

let us walk in your footsteps

with footprints that heal rather than harm

this planet that You have placed in our trust.

We offer our care of creation to You,

not as an act of desperate self-preservation

but as our devotion of worship

to the one who has made it.



 Traidcraft                         Fair Trade

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