Small Groups

Small groups of Christians meeting frequently in people’s homes dates back to Jesus and his disciples.  Our regular small groups are fairly new and are developing in number and how they work.  Momentum has been slowly and gradually building. 

There are various ways churches organise small groups but in general they are a great way to build deep and real relationships in a safe place with a few people which just isn’t possible at services, or anywhere else in most cases!  It’ll be exciting to see how they develop at Trinity.  What is really important is that those in small groups are nurtured and cared for as people and in their faith (through sharing stories of God at work, friendship, prayer, Bible study and applying God’s word in their daily lives) and that the groups look out beyond the life of the group – being a Christian is about the “non-customer” as much as the customer!  The aim should be for each group to both grow in spiritual depth and numerically and so multiply into two groups over time.

Whether you are a new Christian or one with many years experience a small group is a great place for becoming involved in the life of Trinity. 


The groups are also becoming more active in serving the wider Trinity church community, notably in Sunday services with prayers, serving refreshments and welcoming. 


Not being a Christian shouldn’t stop you coming to a group, especially if you have a friend in one. However, initially getting stuck into one of the courses we run on a regular basis which help people explore the basics of the Christian faith might be best. 

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