CTEER  (Churches Together in Earley and East Reading)

Since 2009 CTEER has been under-doing major changes to encourage fresh impetus and direction for working together.  Church leaders are now meeting monthly to have lunch and network, to worship together and hear an update from one particular local project or initiative, and then time is spent praying about the local area and work that Christians are involved in or exploring.  We’ve been conducting a review of all that the local churches are involved in and are praying to discern where God might be taking us. 

There is very much a sense (which is being felt in other parts of Reading too) that we need to be finding new and fresh ways to work and to link with the local community.

CTEER is also launching 24 hour prayer rooms approximately four times a year for church members to go to.  These will concentrate on the local Christian projects and initiatives and so all the local Christians will have a chance to keep abreast of and play a part in all that’s going on.  And, importantly everything will be soaked in much more prayer than previously. 

Trinity’s Minister, Jon Salmon has been involved in the working group that has been re-shaping CTEER.



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