Our Vision and Values

What matters to us

Our vision is to see people living life to the full by loving, following and being transformed spiritually by Jesus.

Our purpose is:

  • To love God with all our hearts,

  • To love each other graciously as ourselves

  • To go and make disciples

  • To live life to the full as Jesus intends

Our vision and purpose are shaped by our values:

  • Jesus at the centre

  • Everyone involved in ministry

  • Everyone maturing in Christ

  • Everyone involved in sharing Jesus

  • Christian community built through relationships

  • To be humble, honest, diligent, courageous, creative and obedient

Our vision to action areas of focus: 

  • Tools for the job

  • Whole of life Christianity

  • Youth ministry

  • Families ministry

  • Men’s ministry

  • Strategic use of the Trinity building

(All underpinned by dynamic and passionate worship and prayer)

Our objective is to see 1000 people in the next 10 years come to know and love Jesus, and to live their lives to the full following him and enjoying his spiritually transforming grace. 


We don’t want to stop at 1000 people. We don’t want to stop until everyone knows and believes Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour.   As we join together creatively, courageously, diligently, humbly, honestly and obediently in this amazing God-given task, we see Trinity as if without walls, as a welcoming and open place where Jesus is at the centre, where everyone is serving and ministering, where everyone is getting to know Jesus better, where everyone is making him known to others, and where a Christian community is built through relationships.  As such Trinity is full of life, openness, fun, celebration and freedom – a place that is open to all but rooted in God.

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