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Hi there, and welcome to Trinity's website. We hope you find it helpful whether you are a Christian just browsing, or if you're someone who's wondering what church is all about and, importantly, who is this Jesus?

Trinity is a local ecumenical partnership of the URC, Methodists and Anglicans (anyone else is welcome too!), and we have a parish. We're based in Lower Earley, on the outskirts of Reading, in the thick of a busy complex housing an ASDA superstore, a leisure centre, pub, library and doctors' surgery. We've been going since 1983, and the three denominations work really well together in partnership.

We love Jesus and want to keep getting to know Him better and to show and share him as much as possible because we believe He is so relevant today to everyone.

Enjoy browsing, and please feel very welcome to come along to Trinity, and by all means get in touch.


        Rev Jon Salmon      


NEW - Give as you Live Online is the free and easy way to raise free funds for Trinity Church Lower Earley, simply by shopping online. See here for details. 


As you have probably guessed, our Messy Fun Club won't be able to run this year. We look forward to seeing you next Summer and hopefully at other Messy Church events soon


Hi there and welcome.  As a church, in this crazy, weird and totally unknown situation everyone is facing, we are seeking to care for each other and to look to our neighbours, streets, the local community to do the same.  Everything is changing very rapidly and this, in and of itself, breeds huge concerns and considerable anxiety.  No one knows how this pandemic is actually going to play itself out. 


We believe that God is faithful, was the same yesterday as He is today, and will be the same tomorrow, and so in Him we have a faithful God, who is a loving God, and a God in whom each and every person can have hope.  Even when the chips are down; especially then!  Having hope is so important.  At this perplexing and worrying time, we are prone to look in on ourselves, as well as out around us, and perhaps more of us are looking up to the heavens and wondering why?  If you do, Jesus is the man to look to.  You may know nothing about Him, but he died for you on the Cross!  If you haven’t looked in a Bible then why not pick one up, or go to something like www.biblegateway.com or the Bible App and start looking at the first four books of the New Testament which tell us about Jesus, who He is, and what He said about life and how to live it.


We can’t, like the vast majority of churches, run any public services for the foreseeable future, including Easter when we celebrate both Jesus’ death on the cross but also his resurrection to new life.  We are  running an online platform which will hopefully be a source of encouragement and help.  We also will be providing links to various prayer and worship resources that you can explore.  I certainly encourage you to find words or encouragement or music that inspires you and do this at least daily.


We are open to provide spaces for private prayer at various times during the week so please do drop by if you can and would like to.


If you need further information about Trinity, or need someone to listen and or prayer with you, then please do ring me on 07585 187037.


With love in Christ,


Jon Salmon




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